Catch Me on Unlocking ADHD & Autism With Personalized Nutrition – Starts Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is day one of Julie Matthew’s latest summit, ADHD & Autism With Personalized Nutrition. I am so thrilled to be a part of it!

Monday is my interview with Julie on why diet matters. We cover the role of personalized nutrition and why it makes a difference especially for individuals with ADHD and autism. It is a great introduction into the real science behind nutritional intervention. You will learn more on how the gut and brain are connected and how autism and ADHD are really “whole body” disorders. You will also learn about methylation and genes.

Tuesday is all about picky eaters. I had the opportunity to interview Julie and share some of my own experiences with an uber picky eater. Between sensory issues, food intolerances, and leaky gut, my son would only eat a few foods. I am thrilled to say that today he has a wide and varied diet and is no longer a picky eater! I know parents of picky eaters will get tips and ideas on Day 2 that can help in your own family! You will also learn about how a Paleo diet may be beneficial and even about the healing properties of Camel’s milk!

Here’s a photo from our interview (this was recorded a few years ago). We always have so much fun together!

Wednesday features talks on supplements, methylation, sulfate, and the mom’s recovery panel! Hear from 4 moms (me included) about our journey of healing our children! This day is full of information and inspiration.

Thursday is focused on addressing anxiety and challenging behaviors and how things like food intolerances can be a factor in ADHD. You will also learn about using essential oils for ADHD and anxiety!

Friday is all about FOOD! Whether you want to learn about a ketogenic diet, learning about oxalates and the inflammasome, using food to calm and soothe the brain, it is the day to really dive into diet! Julie discusses the role of personalized nutrition to benefit your child with ADHD and autism.

Saturday features some of my favorite docs and topics! Whether you hear Dr. Woeller’s experiences from his 20+ years in treating kids just like mine or Dr. Song discuss autism as a neuro-immune disorder, you can also learn about the microbiome with two informative talks and then how gluten can play in to autoimmunity.

Sunday, the final day, covers the co-morbid conditions and co-infections that can be common in the autism and ADHD communities. Whether it is mold, histamine, or mast cells, or Lyme disease, PANDAS, or even how our food supply can play a role, this is a day to dive into some of the other important pieces to consider when healing your child.

I hope you join us next week, this information was so critical for me when I was on the autism recovery journey and the topic of personalized nutrition is applicable for everyone!

I personally am still always fine-tuning our nutrition depending on what we specifically need. These experts will share such valuable information, no matter what your goals.

Be well,

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