Whether you are here to read the blog, check out resources, or just connect with another autism mom, I am glad you are here.

My focus is on supporting special needs families who are looking to drop the old paradigms, to reconnect with their purpose, to shift their alignment to what best serves them and their family, to work as a team with their partners or those supporting them.

Parents of children with special needs create their own world of happiness and believe in things that others cannot yet see” ~ Anonymous

Grab a cup of coffee, tea, kombucha, or something stronger and dive in!

I have walked in your shoes. Now, I am here to share our story of hope and healing.


Terri has spent the last decade in the autism and chronic illness communities as a mentor, educator, co-author, and motivational speaker. Her son is the inspiration for her work with others, he is considered recovered from autism so it is through their personal journey that she really has a well-rounded understanding of the intricate issues that can be involved when a family receives a diagnosis of autism.

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New Beginnings Nutritionals – Director of Marketing

Nourishing Hope / BioIndividual Nutrition Institute – Business Manager

Member of The Thinking Moms Revolution, TEAM TMR and Co-author (see books below)

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Real Food Mum – Co-Founder

The Great Plains Laboratory – Marketing