Wellness Tracking for Autism Parents

The last year and a half has given me an opportunity to focus on my own health and wellness in a deeper way.

As an autism mom, I spent a fair number of years not taking care of myself, often placing my self at the very bottom of the list.

Over the years, I have learned tools that I sure wish I had all those years ago. Especially during those really tough years when my son had a lot of behavioral issues, was non-verbal, and didn’t sleep much more than a few hours per night, meaning I didn’t sleep either.

It has taken a while to begin giving my body what it needs to heal, just like my son’s. This process of biomedical treatment was not just for him. It has impacted our whole family.

As such, this last year has been an opportunity to focus even more on what I can do to be the healthiest I can be at this age and stage.

So, I created this document and wanted to share for anyone else who may benefit!

Thanks to a talk by Dr. Jill Christa at a recent Great Plains Laboratory training, I started “eating a rainbow.” While this is not a new concept to me, it was a message that came at just the right time for me to dive in and try and do just that.

Since making a concerted effort to eat a rainbow daily, I have noticed more color in my cheeks and a slight increase in energy. I also included ideas on how to eat a rainbow if you want to try it to!

Between monitoring my nutrition, exercise, water intake, and mindfulness, I wanted to create an easy sheet to help me stay on track week after week.

My workouts are pretty easy to keep track of, we are still loving MBF and MBFA through Beachbody on Demand. If you want to learn more or get a free trial, let me know.

But I wanted one spot to track everything. I can keep this on my fridge or on my desk and track everything week to week.

If you want to share how you are focusing on self-care, I’d love to hear it.

And up next, I created a delicious gluten, dairy, and soy free peach dump cake – because balance 🙂 . I am in the process of writing up the recipe and will share as soon as it is done.

Be well,

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