World Autism Awareness Day 2021

Just your friendly, annual reminder here.

Autism is not just genetic, or just a brain disorder, it is often a whole body disorder.

Many times our children’s physical symptoms are chalked up to “autism” which in fact are their own separate metabolic issues that need to be addressed.

When addressed, there can be profound improvement in many areas including sleep, language, behavior, cognition, etc.

So when our children are diagnosed and we, as parents, are told this is purely a genetic brain disorder and our child’s potential is written off at the same time, I encourage you to dig deeper and find a physician, practitioner, therapists, and teachers that hold the same vision of health and healing that you do for your child.

No one can dictate our child’s future. I have been privileged to watch and be a part of so many stories of autism healing and even recovery. And parent mindset is an important component.

Avoid the naysayers, the ones who don’t support dietary intervention or your biomedical protocols. Surround yourself with the people who are behind you and support what you are doing for your child.

Our children are incredible, with special gifts and talents. And I will never stop supporting my son so he can keep showing me just how amazing he is!

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