The Change Making Kids Conference

If you’ve been in my community for a while then you likely know my story…

My son was diagnosed with autism at 4 and now at 20 is considered recovered after years of biomedical interventions.

That life-altering journey taught me the power of the body and brain to heal and to overcome…even the impossible! It led me to pursuing a doctorate and opening a practice to coach and mentor others.

It also led me to like-hearted souls in this integrative medicine community.

People like Julie Matthews, my soul sister and my original teacher in the use of therapeutic diets to support my son’s unique biochemistry. But, I’ve applied those principles to our whole family because yes, nutrition is that powerful.

Dr. Madiha Saeed, Holistic Mom MD and inspiration with her numerous books, her 5 kids who have an amazing podcast, and who deeply not only practices but also lives the principles of integrative medicine.

And Dr. Tom Moorcroft, expert in helping his patients recover from chronic infections, including Lyme disease, Babesia, Borrelia, Bartonella, mold illness, MCAD and more. He is also a frequent speaker on these topics and skilled, passionate, and connected physician helping his patients heal, many of whom are children.

We sat together at a conference and reveled in being together where our “differences” were celebrated, where no on questioned the way we eat or how we destress, or how we run our very unique practices where we help others in the world…

And it was like a collective…”I wish our KIDS had this…” and in started the personal stories of our kids being bullied, made fun of for eating differently, for maybe their lack of technology use or limits on technology, the emphasis in each of our households to give our children a foundation that WE create, not society in this “viral video” world where it seems the worst of the worst is celebrated and yet differences are ridiculed.

That’s where The Change Making Kids Conference was born…

Live and In Person
June 24th & 25th
Starved Rock, Oglesby, IL

This is a one-of-a-kind event led by leaders in the field of integrative and functional medicine and nutrition and their kids! Your teens will have others just like them to connect with and create a network at the same time as they are learning actionable skills like mindset techniques that are practical and really work, nutrition concepts that many of us didn’t learn until adulthood, tools like identifying their super power and how to bring it to the world. Whether that is through writing a book, starting a podcast, or public speaking, this will be taught by those doing it right now!

At the end of the two days, they will leave the conference with tools that empower them immediately. And, the ability to affect change in their own home and community.

And as a special gift, the ticket price has been reduced to $199 per person for the next 7 days (through 5/12/24)!

This event is about supporting our future leaders and at this price, now is the time to register…I hope to see YOU there!

PS – looking for a virtual option? Email me at and let me know. We’ve had others request this and are working on a virtual option!

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