GFCF Keto-Friendly Chocolates

Valentine’s Day is almost here!

Everywhere you look it is a veritable minefield of chocolatey treats!

Over the years as we have refined our diets based on individual need and looked at reducing processed and high-sugar things in our diet, it was challenging to celebrate and stay on track nutritionally.

But, we learned how to adapt and honor our bodies and our needs while being festive and celebratory!

I wanted to share a recipe I have used for many years now that can be adapted to whatever your tastes are. You can easily create treats for your loved ones that are completely sugar free – or you can adapt them and use a different sweetener like organic maple syrup, coconut sugar or nectar, or monk fruit, etc. It really is based on your taste preference.

You simply melt the coconut oil, mix with equal amounts cocoa or cacao and your desired sweetener (like stevia) to taste and pour into molds.

These do have more of a dark chocolate feel so if you are looking for a more milk chocolate version, this is not it.

And because it uses coconut oil which is liquid at 78 degrees, you will want to store these in the refrigerator.

But, for those on a low/no sugar diet, those just wanting to limit their sugar intake, these make for a nice option.

For those who don’t need a sugar-free version, you can also melt allergen-friendly chocolate chips (Enjoy Life is my preferred brand) in a double boiler and pour into molds as well.

Being on a special diet doesn’t mean missing out on holidays or treats!

I’d love to hear what you think. If you make these, please comment below how they turned out and how you customized them.

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