Staying Calm Amidst Chaos – Strategies for Attention, Focus, Self-Regulation

How many of you are looking at a school year unlike any other? ✋

This has been a challenging time not only for our children but for us. And, if I can speak frank for a moment, it has been a time of pulling old strategies, supplements, and tricks out of my hat despite my son losing his official diagnosis of autism.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t still struggle. And during this time of increase computer time (which is NOT a good fit for his brain) we have had to manage big emotions, frustrations, and stress – on BOTH sides of the desk!

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The good news is that there are nutrients that can be helpful to support optimal mood and stress response and I want to share some research and products that we use and find helpful. And these are not just for your child. Having children learning at home and juggling my own work takes increased focus, and stress response support. This is way different than when I would home school my children, this is not my curriculum and there is a strict schedule to adhere to. So parents, this is a time to support yourselves as well as your children as the weight of this is squarely on your shoulders right now!

The good news is there is scientific literature on some of the vitamins, minerals, and botanicals that can really provide support. So for those parents wanting to learn more about how specific, targeted nutrients can play a role in attention, focus, self-regulation, and stress response, these are studies you may find interesting.

Focus and Attention:

Stress Response:

The products we have used and like are Focus-Mate & Neuro-Serene, they make a big difference in our overall mood and focus, for my entire family! When my husband takes Focus-Mate in his words he feels “laser focused.” Always work with your physician or practitioner before adding supplements in to your protocol as this blog is for educational purposes only.

Remember to keep those other “tools” in your toolbox handy during this time. Extra movement opportunity is really important for my son. We’ve even started doing deep pressure activities and therapies to help his brain organize more effectively. Outdoor time is also on our daily schedule, just giving his brain a break from electronics is helpful for us along with activities like jumping and swinging. An occupational therapist can provide direction on how/when to employ these techniques. Integration Consultation Services and Sensory Solutions, Inc. are two therapists I know personally and love, both have helped my son and they share great resources and tips!

Pulling back out old interventions isn’t something to be ashamed of! Our children are always changing and adapting (as we are too!) and providing extra support is necessary!

While we cannot always change our circumstances, we can change our response to them. And adequate nutrients enable us to do so easier. May the force be with us all right now. <3

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